Overcoming OCD through yoga

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Autographed book giveaway

I was able to overcome my OCD through the practice of yoga. But what about your story? Leave a comment explaining why you decided to start practicing yoga and what problem yoga was able to help you with, and I’ll pick a winner to receive an autographed copy of my book! The winner will be announced on Thursday, February 24th at noon EST and will be contacted through the email address provided in the comment.

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Finding my Breath Video

With the launch of my new book, Finding My Breath: My Journey from OCD to Yoga, I have also produced a video that visually tells the story. Enjoy!

The Search for Peace and Happiness

Yoga StretchingThe search for peace and happiness is a goal that many people spend endless years of their life trying to complete. Every person wants to find the secret to contentment, to find the key to being truly happy. Through my life experiences of combating childhood torture, and the compulsion of counting that developed to counteract the pain, I believe to have found the answer to finding your own breath of happiness through yoga and a healthy mindset on life.